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One Utah woman discovered that motherhood doesn't always mean giving birth when she married a single father with two sons. She and her husband wanted to adopt more children, so they marketed themselves on social media rather than going through an expensive adoption agency. Oram and her husband stayed in contact with women who were interested in giving up their child for adoption.

Oram and her husband adopted one baby whose young mom wanted him to be theirs. But then, four months later, another mom they had been in touch with said that she wanted her baby boy to be part of the Orams' family as well. After prayer and consideration, the couple - already parents to three - decided adopting baby Ellis was the right decision.

Months later, Ellis' birth mother - whose family was struggling at the moment - decided to fly her middle-school-aged son, Sean, to stay with the Orams and his baby brother for ten days. He ended up staying indefinitely. Oram says that "family does not always have to be made from blood."

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"It is not always easy," she writes. "There have been many ups and downs... But we wouldn't trade it for the world." Click here for the full story.

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