Flights Are Offering Plastic Free Options

Portugal's Hi Fly airline completed its first flight without single-use plastics.

One European airline is experimenting with plastic-free flights. Portugal's Hi Fly airline will have four flights in which no single-use plastic products are given to passengers.

Hi Fly will provide bamboo utensils for passengers, as well as compost-friendly food containers (Huffington Post). They recently posted on Twitter about the first of the four flights, which was a success. "We couldn't be prouder of being the first airline to perform a completely Single Use Plastic Free Flight," Hi Fly said, posting pictures of their attendants with the products.

However, they did receive some criticism from Twitter users who pointed out that many years ago, airlines provided china and silverware to passengers - not plastic then, either. These people commented that Hi Fly was technically not the first airline to go plastic-free. Twitter users also requested that Hi Fly remember that disabled passengers can only use plastic straws at the time.

Other airlines also strive to eventually phase out the plastic disposables, according to HuffPost. Air New Zealand and Ryanair have similar goals. Click here to learn more. 

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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