Getting Things Done Around the House with a Baby

It's possible to be productive, even with a newborn or toddler in tow!

Getting things done around the house with a baby may be difficult, but it's certainly not impossible. Whether you have a new baby at home or are just trying to be more productive with a toddler, we have 4 tips to help.

Getting Things Done Around the House with a Baby

As important as structure and routine are for baby, they're equally important for mom. Follow these tips to get your to-do list done by the end of the day. 

1. Make a List

Now that you know what to expect from your little one's day, you can think about what you need and want to do in your day. A helpful thing to do is write down everything so you can check it off as you go.

Keep in mind you are now taking care of another human so you won’t do as much as you did before he/she was born. Schedule extra time in the day for any hiccups that may occur, and do not write down items that are not completely necessary so not to overwhelm yourself.

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2. Rise and Shine First

Knowing your baby's schedule helps plan your day more easily. If your baby always gets up at 7 to start their day and eat, perhaps you should consider walking earlier. The morning hours can be the most productive time of your day. 

The benefit of getting up before baby is having a little quiet time to yourself, working out, getting ready for the day, or whatever you decide. If you're a night owl, switch this around and stay up later than your baby instead.

3. Work During Self Play

Place baby on a blanket in a safe spot, where you can still see them. Babies love playing and interacting with mom and dad but don’t forget it is important they learn how to play on their own too.

Let them play on their own and discover the world, as well as learning they do not always need you for fun. This is a good way to continue working away on that list of yours.

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4. Utilize Nap Time

Use nap time wisely. Nap time is the perfect opportunity for you to take that shower you’ve been needing, do a quick clean, play with other children, or whatever you may like.

This is the time to get the things done where you need no distractions from your baby, but of course, this time can be used to relax and take a breather as well.

Hopefully, you have now breathed a sigh of relief, realizing your day can still be structured and you can tackle that to-do list. Also, give yourself some grace, you have a baby now so if you don't get everything done don’t worry. 

Aurora Hlina

Aurora Hlina

Aurora is married to her high school sweetheart and is a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful baby boy. She loves tea, Jesus, the outdoors, flowers, traveling, the colour pink, all things wedding and love, cooking and baking. She's a bit obsessed with having everything clean and organized, but still likes to have fun.

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