Healthy Twins Born to Mom With Cancer

Mom with cancer who refused an abortion gives birth to healthy twins.

Becky Anderson was devastated to hear that she had cervical cancer... two weeks after she found out that she was pregnant.

The doctors told her that she would have to abort the twins in order to have the surgery needed to remove the cancer. Anderson decided to wait it out and have the babies because she would become sterile after the procedure.

At 30 weeks, The doctors told her that it was time to have a c-section. Immediately after her sons were born, they performed a hysterectomy. 

The twins, Buddy and Preslee, were born healthy.

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Colleen Leidner

Colleen Leidner

Colleen Leidner is a student, writer & editor. When she's not frantically studying, she enjoys reading, being with her friends, and writing stories. A soccer mom to her five younger siblings, she lives in Stuart, FL, and aspires to write the next Great American Novel.

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