How To Help Your Child Sleep Better While Traveling

Learn five simple planning tips that are key to happy, healthy family trips.

The holidays are upon us, and many families will be traveling. This is often an exciting time for your little ones to meet family and friends, but traveling with kids can be challenging. Time zone changes and travel schedules interfere with your kid’s routines and throw their sleep patterns off. This type of turbulence can leave you asking yourself, “Did someone swap kids with us in that TSA line?”

The good news is, there are ways to help promote healthy sleep while traveling. Here are five tips to consider while planning your next family trip.

How to Help Your Child Sleep Better While Traveling

  1. Naptime on the road: Hit the road at a time your kids will be most likely to fall asleep. Some nap is better than no nap.
  2. Downtime in your itinerary: Allowing for some downtime will take a little excitement out of your kid’s day, which will allow them to sleep better at night. Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a big deal with little ones. Make some of your trip “boring,” and you will be thankful.
  3. White noise machine: A small, portable white noise machine can ease the anxieties that come from being away from home and help kids fall asleep.
  4. Bring the comfort items: Don’t forget to pack your child’s favorite thing to snuggle. Blankets and teddy bears can go a long way in soothing a child away from home. In my case, we have a 3-year-old with a favorite pair of PJs I will not be traveling without this holiday season. These items give a sense of security in unfamiliar places.
  5. Keep your routine: It’s easy for parents to fall into vacation mode, but make sure you keep the kids on their routine as much as possible. Meal times, naps and bedtime stories should remain consistent with your daily routine at home.

Wishing you safe and restful travels this holiday season, as you encourage healthy sleeping for your little ones while on your next family trip.

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Sandee Gruner

Sandee Gruner

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