Hilarious School Picture Mishap: Beware of Green Clothing

Anticipated school photos turn into a funny fluke.

Laura Pyle has an important message: don't let your child wear green for school pictures.

Her daughter, a first-grader named Addy, had chosen her favorite green dress to wear to picture day. Pyle had dropped her off, thinking nothing of it. 

When Pyle got the pictures of her adorable daughter, she was in for a big surprise.

Addy's dress had been turned into a wheat field, an American flag, a bridge, and various other colors.

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Addy's school used a green screen as backdrop, and then replaced it with whatever backing the parents and child had chosen. For the Pyle family, it had been purple. 

You can read more about the hilarious school mishap here.

Colleen Leidner

Colleen Leidner

Colleen Leidner is a student, writer & editor. When she's not frantically studying, she enjoys reading, being with her friends, and writing stories. A soccer mom to her five younger siblings, she lives in Stuart, FL, and aspires to write the next Great American Novel.

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