Hilary Duff Finds New Use for Placenta

Duff freezes her placenta for smoothies following childbirth.

Hilary Duff joined fellow celebrities, Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen when she consumed parts of her placenta following the birth of her second child this year. Duff had her placenta made into frozen cubes to use in smoothies.

"It was the most delightful smoothie I've ever had," Duff said on the “Informed Pregnancy” podcast. "I haven't had a smoothie that delightful since I was like 10 years old. It was calorie-filled with juice and fruit and everything delicious."

The interest in placenta consumption is growing and is known to reduce postpartum bleeding, improve mood and milk supply, and prevent postpartum depression according to the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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Sandee Gruner

Sandee Gruner

Sandee Gruner is a full-time working mom with a love for writing and communications. She resides in Southern California with her husband and two children, where she enjoys spending time with her family, exploring local attractions and volunteering.

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