Throw Away These Homeopathic Kids Products Now

King Bio has recalled thirty-two of their child and infant treatments.

Thirty-two King Bio homeopathic medications have just been recalled due to "microbial contamination." 

The recalled products include child and infant medications for chickenpox, stomach aches, nose bleeds, ear pain, coughing and more. 

Thirteen of the recalled products are from SafeCare Rx, a brand used only by medical professionals. 

A statement was released by King Bio on Wednesday, claiming a "small percentage" of products produced between August 1, 2017, and April 2018 tested positive for microbial contamination. 

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Although the company has not yet received any reports of injury or illness, the FDA is advising parents to stop using these products at once. 

A list of the recalled products can be found here. If you have any of these in your home, stop using them immediately.

To return a contaminated product, contact King Bio at 

More information regarding the recall can be found here

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Liz Coffman

Liz Coffman

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