These Household Items Can Harm Your Child

Are you aware of these hidden dangers inside your home?

If we asked you to list all the dangerous household items that could harm your child, you'd probably start naming things like knives and electrical sockets. But what you may not realize is that there are even more "normal" items in your home that could prove to be fatal to your child if you're not careful.

5 Household Items that Can Harm Your Child

Parents need to be aware of the following threats in your home:

  1. Bathtub (or even a large fish tank): a child could drown if left unattended
  2. Shelves and Drawers: children love to climb on shelves and slightly opened drawers, making it possible for the large furniture to fall on the child
  3. Sharp Furniture Edges: these could cut or cause a blunt force to a toddler or child jumping around
  4. Small Objects: it's not just LEGOs that can pose a choking hazard
  5. Glass Cups & Vases: while those flowers may look pretty, make sure to display them well out of reach of little hands

Of course, it goes without saying that kettles, stoves, medicine, laundry pods, cleaners, sharp objects and cords from blinds can also be extremely dangerous. For the full list of household items that can harm your child, visit


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