How Much Would A Stay At Home Mom Make? Find Out With This Salary Generator

The estimated salary for a stay-at-home mom accounts for many job descriptions.

A recent poll taken from thousands of stay-at-home moms determined how many different unofficial jobs they have. These included, but aren't limited to, chef, academic advisor, housekeeper, and driver. From that information, and the number of hours that moms worked per week, estimated that stay-at-home moms would earn around $162,000 dollars per year.

That's a staggering paycheck, especially once you consider that stay-at-home moms aren't paid at all for their hours of cooking, chauffeuring, or even sometimes homeschooling.'s generator allows moms to choose whether they are working or staying home, how many children they have, and what age range the kids fall into (0-5 years, or school age). Then, to get further accuracy, a mom can enter her zip code. The low, median, and high estimated salaries do change depending on location.

Next, boxes beside the various job descriptions (administrative assistant, cook, van driver, etc) allow mom to log her weekly hours. All of this information helps to calculate a (rather large) estimated salary.

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According to an article written last year about this same suggested salary, the generated number "accounted for 40 regular hours of work each week and 56 hours of overtime" (Elizabeth Vale). Working moms also revealed that they work an average of 59 hours at home aside from their career.

Click here to learn more about the estimated paycheck for the incredibly hard-working mom.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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