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As back-to-school time fast approaches, parents are getting ready by checking off their children's list for new school supplies. 

But, believe it or not, the best thing you could be doing to prepare your child for the upcoming school year is resetting their sleep schedule. 

According to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, elementary school children need at least nine hours of sleep. As Dr. Evan Burton adds,

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"Developing a sleep schedule for your child is one of the most beneficial things a parent can do because it will not only ensure that your child is healthy, but it will also positively affect the way they perform in the classroom."

After a summer of sleepovers and staying up too late, here are four ways you can help your children develop a strong sleep schedule:

  1. Create a calm sleeping environment
  2. Exercise
  3. Cut caffeine
  4. Be consistent

For more details about this list, click here. 

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