Husband Doesn't Understand Wife's Gift Request, He Tried His Best

This mom requested breast milk earrings and got something rather different.

Some women are choosing to keep their breastmilk long after use - by turning it into art. Some jewelers can even craft breast milk into jewelry. One woman, however, asked her husband for breast milk earrings for Christmas, and he wasn't quite sure how to attain some.

Unfortunately, this woman's husband went to Kay Jewelers, rather than an independent artist. He asked for breast milk earrings multiple times, until finally a worker sold him some diamond and pearl earrings. She unwrapped those for Christmas instead.

She asked her husband, "Did you really think they sold breastmilk jewelry at Kay?" (Parents). She reminded him that moms want jewelry made from their own breast milk, not some random woman's. Click here for more.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps is a writer, editor, and dancer based in Nashville, Tennessee. She enjoys working with other people to improve their writing, taking long road trips, experimenting with choreography, and reading many novels.

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