Mom Delivers Twins And They Find Out One Has Down Syndrome

The parents were thrilled with their two healthy daughters regardless.

Photo: American Web Media

Second-time parents Todd and Nicola Bailey were thrilled when they discovered they were expecting twins. Their firstborn child, Lucas, would have two younger siblings. When Nicola gave birth to twin daughters, everything went well, and the babies were born healthy.

Quinn was born first; Harper entered the world around forty minutes after her sister (American Web Media). When she was born the doctor said, "I'm sorry." Harper had the slanted eyes that indicate Down Syndrome.

Usually, doctors try to detect the condition before a baby is born; but some go unnoticed until birth. However, the Baileys were delighted in both of their daughters. Now, the family wants to "take down the stigma surrounding those with Down Syndrome," according to AWM.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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