10 Mother’s Day Gifts on a Budget

Ways to focus on quality time this Mother’s Day.

As Mother’s Day approaches, you may be wondering how to celebrate the important women in your life. It can become tricky to find the best way to honor those you love while keeping your budget in check.

Are gifts a necessity or are there better ways to show your appreciation to the moms who have invested in you?

Mother’s Day started as a celebration of the time and sacrifices mothers make for their children. Over the years (as it became more commercialized); its founder, Anna Jarvis, actually denounced the holiday altogether.

What if, instead of getting sucked into the need to purchase items for Mother’s Day, we went back to its roots?

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Let’s celebrate Mother’s Day differently this year. Plan to give the gift to time instead of heaping on piles of presents; encourage mothers to spend time nourishing themselves and engaging deeply with their families.

Whatever your goal, let’s celebrate the women who have made you great without running yourself ragged or breaking the bank.

10 Perfect Mother’s Day Gifts (on a Budget)

Are you looking for just the right way to show your appreciation to the mothers in your lives? Here are ten ways to celebrate Mother’s Day without blowing your budget: 

  1. Make it Together - Gather ingredients for mom’s favorite meal and spend time catching up with one another while you cook. Challenge yourself to learn one new way to prepare the meal so it’s authentic to how mom prefers.
  2. Cleanup Pickup - Grab the dish soap and work together to clean up after a meal. Add in a healthy dose of competition (who can complete their job quickest) for a fun way to engage with one another while completing this otherwise mundane task.
  3. Sow some Seeds - Pick out mom’s favorite flowers or veggies and work together to prepare the garden and plant some seeds. Dream what you’ll do with the flowers or produce and plan how to work together and nurture them in the coming weeks.
  4. Board Game Extravaganza - Pull out mom’s favorite snack and spend an afternoon playing a board game or two. Try out mom’s favorite game from past years and see who in the family is most accomplished at it now.
  5. Author for a Day - Consider gifting mom with a letter relaying some of your happiest, silliest, or otherwise dearest memories of her throughout the years. Motherhood can be tiring and every mom loves the opportunity to remember that even difficult seasons held fond memories.
  6. Out and About - Embrace spring by taking in the outdoors around you. Take a family walk, sit on the front porch and chat, or spend some time in the sunshine enjoying each other’s company.
  7. Project Foreman - Take on a small project (or two) that mom has been itching to get done. Hang those pictures, paint that wall, or organize that overflowing closet. Show your love by investing in areas that are important to mom.
  8. Dapper Darlings - Dust off your dress shoes, put on a fancy outfit, and snap a few mother’s day photos. Consider including mom in the photo shoot. After all, she’s the reason for the celebration.
  9. Time to Shine - Gift mom with a bit of time to do whatever her heart desires. Taking a nap, relaxing in the bath, or enjoying a quiet cup of coffee are all ways moms can enjoy a bit of rest on this special day.
  10. Virtual Visit - For those moms who are too far away for an in-person visit, schedule some time to video chat. Brush up on what’s new to share in your life and remember to ask mom about her current adventures.

However you decide to commemorate the women in your life, quality time is key to the perfect celebration. Choose a way (or two) that fits mom’s personality and plan for a fun time together. You won’t be disappointed by spending time with those you love.

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Jess Wartinger

Jess Wartinger

Jess Wartinger resides in rural New York with her husband and five children. Formerly an early elementary teacher, Jess currently spends her time loving her kids and holding down the fort at home.

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