Nagging Mom Saves Baby's Life via Text

Father avoids near disaster in car accident thanks to a photo.

As a parent, the safety of your baby is your number one concern. Driving with your child can be especially scary for some parents. A proper baby car seat could be what saves your child’s life in an accident.

But only if you use it correctly.

A father in Memphis nearly learned this lesson the hard way. David Boyer had been running errands with his son, William, in the back seat of his car when he received a very important message.

Having returned to work that day, mom Rebecca had been receiving hourly updates from her husband. One such update was a photo of baby William in his car seat during a trip to Walgreens.

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Rebecca immediately noticed something was wrong.

David had unknowingly secured baby William in his car seat incorrectly. Having noticed this error from the photo, Rebecca wasted no time explaining to David how to correct the mistake.

A mere fifteen minutes after David had followed his wife’s instructions, the two were involved in a car accident.

A proper and secure fit in his car seat kept William unharmed in the accident and taught David a valuable lesson: safety devices are only safe if you use them properly. When it comes to your child, don’t leave room for any uncertainty. Read more about this story on

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Liz Coffman

Liz Coffman

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