8 Delicious and Nutritious Stage 2 Baby Food Recipes

Eight recipes that mom and baby are sure to love.

When your baby reaches the age when he or she will transition to Stage 2 baby food - which is usually around 7 to 8 months of age - your baby will be ready to add new and varied foods to his or her diet. 

Stage 2 baby food opens your child up to a multitude of flavors and combinations. Your baby will also be ready for food with a slightly thicker consistency, so instead of thin purees, you can now give your child food with more texture.

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If you want to make homemade Stage 2 baby food, we've created a list of our top eight favorite delicious and nutritious baby food recipes to get you started. 

1. Apple + Rasberry + Vanilla Bean Purée from Baby Foode.

This mouthwatering combination is sure to be a hit with your baby (and if you're lucky, you might be able to get the leftovers).

2. Baby's First Chicken Pot Pie from Super Healthy Kids

Pot pie is one of those comforting foods that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This recipe will make sure your baby loves chicken pot pie for his or her whole life.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup Baby Food from Hanky's Happy Home

Chicken noodle soup is a staple in almost every household. It's perfect for when you're sick or when you want to get warmed up. This recipe transforms traditional chicken noodle soup into delicious baby food.

4. Mango, Banana and Chicken Purée from Project Nursery

This unique combination is perfect for the mom and baby that want to try something new. This tropical combination will transport you to the Caribbean even though you haven't left the kitchen. 

5. My First Chicken Curry from Annabel Karmel

Introducing babies to a wide variety of flavors at a young age will help them appreciate and love more flavors as they get older. One delicious flavor to introduce to your child early on is curry. It's bold and unique flavor is sure to be a hit with your child.

6. Quinoa Banana Mash from The Bump

Quinoa is a nutritious grain that's a great substitute for rice cereal. This recipe mixes it with banana, which makes a delicious combination.

7. Sweet Potato Three Ways from Super Healthy Kids

Sweet potatoes are a sweet, delicious and super nutritious addition to your baby's diet. This recipe gives three ways to prepare mashed sweet potatoes for the newest member of your family.

8. Salmon, Broccoli & Spinach Puree from Annabel Karmel

Salmon, spinach and broccoli might not be the first combination that comes to mind when you think of baby food, but this nutrient-rich combination is a perfect meal for your growing baby.

Whatever recipe (or recipes) you decide to use, it's sure to make both mom and baby happy and nourished.

For more inspiration, I've curated a Pinterest Board just for you! Check it out below.

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