September Is The Most Popular Month To Have A Baby

The holiday season is mainly responsible for this annual baby boom.

September is the most popular month to have a baby, according to statistics. Data journalist Matt Stiles conducted a study on twenty years' worth of birth statistics, and discovered that September births are most popular in the U.S. "9 of the 10 most popular days to give birth fall in September," Motherly writer Heather Marcoux explains about Stiles' data findings. 


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This chart, a heat map, shows how popular a birthday is by how dark the square is:

The abundance of September birthdays is largely due to the holiday season. Because people have more time away from work during Thanksgiving and Christmas, they're more likely to conceive.

Click here for more details on Stiles' interesting data study.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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