New Signs Tell People Not to Touch Newborns

New signs ask people to refrain from touching and transmitting germs to babies.

More than ever, parents have taken to protecting their baby with signs asking people to keep their hands — and their germs — to themselves.

A baby's immune system doesn't develop until they're two or three. This leaves a lot of time for anyone to walk up, touch a child, and transmit germs.

There are mixed reviews about these signs. Some parents say that they have their own methods to stop unwanted touching, whereas others find the signs quite helpful.

Whatever you decide to do to keep your baby safe from rampant germs is ultimately your choice.

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Colleen Leidner

Colleen Leidner

Colleen Leidner is a student, writer & editor. When she's not frantically studying, she enjoys reading, being with her friends, and writing stories. A soccer mom to her five younger siblings, she lives in Stuart, FL, and aspires to write the next Great American Novel.

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