The Eco Toy Movement

Toy makers strive to become more “sustainability-friendly”

Brands like PlanToys®, Green Toys®, Zuru ®, as well as more well-known toy manufacturers, like Little Tikes®, Hasbro®, and Mattel® are listening to the modern day consumer who values the use of all-natural materials and eco-friendly production methods.

For the past 50 years, toys typically have been the opposite of sustainable - inexpensive, breakable, tossed aside when fads change, and most of the time made entirely of petroleum-based plastic. However, sustainability is now becoming much more important both to this generation of parents and retailers. And toy companies that ignore the consumer demands could find customers have a sustainability plan of their own - buy fewer toys.1

Plan Toys - Sustainable Play

A stand-out example of a company that is doing it right is PlanToys®, whose innovative all-natural wooden creations originate from reclaimed rubber trees harvested near their manufacturing plant in Trang, Thailand. Everything from the tree trunk to the sawdust is used. And according to a recent report, any surplus wood that isn’t used for toys is put to use in a biomass generator to create energy for the facility.2 Now that’s green!

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Read more in the Forbes article about how toy companies are doing their part to reduce their footprint on the environment, while making fun toys that kids, parents, and retailers will love.

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