The Next Big Thing: All-in-One Strollers

If you’re someone who likes to plan ahead and prepare for life’s everyday adventures, you’ll love the modular nature of the Cybex® Gazelle S all-in-one modular stroller. With removable shopping basket and 20+ configurations, you’ll never be left holding the bag.  See what others are raving about in this beautifully designed urban SUV of strollers. 

DOMINO MAGAZINE says it’s one of the 10 most creative and useful gifts that really bring moms joy…

Cybex Gazelle S stroller in Domino Magazine

“Yes, a stroller is 100 percent a mom gift when it makes exploring town a breeze. On weekends, I like to take my 8-month-old, Grace, to the farmers’ market, bakery, and little shops in our neighborhood. A detachable basket is genius so I don’t need to bend down and fuss with stowing stuff below while in cramped spaces (although that compartment stores an impressive amount for when we’re really stocking up). The whole design is modular, too, and grows from carrying a newborn to a baby to a toddler (and has the option to become a two-kid rig)—so it’s in it with you for the long haul!”

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RED TRICYCLE says these new strollers and updated favorites will rock your roll…

Cybex Gazelle S Stroller in Red Tricycle

“If you have twins or plan to have a second baby soon, you'll be able to seat them comfortably in this amazingly modular stroller by adding a CYBEX cot, infant car seat or full seat. If you have just one child, attach the removable shopping basket to make errands and park trips a breeze. There's also a roomy basket beneath the seat for everything else you're toting, for a combined 50 lbs. of carrying capacity. There's an extendable canopy with a mesh window for air circulation and an adjustable handlebar for a more comfortable stroll for you.”

Real Cybex® Customers are loving it too…

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5-Star Customer Review from Cybex

“Every Cybex product I get my hands on, all have the same thing in common: outstanding quality and classy design. This new Gazelle stroller is just that! As a mother of 2, I have seen many different baby products, and Cybex are always among my favorites!”

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