What Time Should Your Child Really Be Going to Bed?

One elementary school shared a chart that tells parents exactly when.

In 2015, Wisconsin elementary school teacher Stacy Karlsen shared a graph that went viral on Facebook. The graph tells parents what time their child should go to bed, based on how old they are and when they need to get up in the morning. 

The chart lists bedtimes for five- to twelve-year-olds. When it was being shared on Facebook, moms discussed the predicted times, some delighted that they were already putting their kids to bed at the prescribed hour. Karlsen, who initially posted the chart through Wilson Elementary School's Facebook page, told TV station Fox 6 that "it's taken this school by storm."

According to medical reference WebMD, seven- to twelve-year-olds need ten to eleven hours of sleep a day. Going to bed early has been found to be the healthiest option for children. And Karlsen's chart suggests relatively early bedtimes, especially for the youngest age groups listed.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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