Top 3 Baby Carriers for Travel

These carriers make traveling with baby a cinch.

Many more parents are discovering the joy of travel lately thanks to many improvements in baby gear, including baby carriers. This is why I wanted to share my picks for the top 3 baby carriers for travel. 

We spent nearly a year living overseas in Europe while our now teenaged son was just a baby. As a family, and always with our baby in a carrier, we strolled cobblestone streets of quaint villages in France, shopped markets and lounged with locals in the piazzas of Tuscany, and climbed countless stairs in Spain. (I wish we'd left the stroller behind for that one and JUST went with the carrier!)

All this amazing exploring was made possible thanks to the ingenuity and security of our baby carriers. With my bundle of joy snuggly strapped in my sling, we explored off the beaten path in seven countries.

Fast forward a few years: we returned to Europe, now toting two boys. Our oldest was six and perfectly content to skip along those same cobblestone streets.

But the two year old, for both safety and sanity- well, he needed to be carried.

All. The. Time.

He hated being strapped in the stroller as much as we hated fussing with it on and off trains, buses, and hiking historic stairs. The Ergo baby carrier became our best friend, and I'm sure I walked ten miles daily throughout the streets of Paris and along the River Seine with him snuggly held in my carrier. 


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The Ring Sling

The Tula Wrap Sling is my sling of choice. A ring sling is simple to use, wash and adjust. Baby is super comfy for walking around or for discreetly breastfeeding. Babies love to sleep in a sling. The woven, cotton fabric is light and breathable, and it's a cinch to pack and even walk through the toughest security checkpoints. A ring sling is best for babies 8-35 pounds. Tula says, "These wrap slings are a representation of our passion for textiles, designs, and attention to details, but mostly to the beauty of babywearing." I wholeheartedly agree. Make sure to check out the size measurements before you order, and you'll be set in style.


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The Ergo Carrier

Once baby is a bit bigger and you're ready to share the ride, either on the front, hip, or back, this multi-position, cool mesh carrier from Ergo is amazing! We must have put thousands of miles on ours over the years, and it was perfect for both boys, all the way through 4 years old!

Seriously, this carrier is so tough, it can wrangle even the most restless toddler in comfort and style. And, being easy on your back, dad will love wearing baby too.


The Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Fully functional and filled with fun, the Tula ergonomic baby carrier is sure to be a favorite in your family. Depending on the size, it can be used as both a front and back carrier, from 15-60 pounds. You'll love that it's machine washable and not only will it carry baby in style and comfort, the pockets will perfectly fit your essentials.

Carriers are the Way to Go

Eventually, our toddler learned to walk in Germany. But, it warms my heart to remember how he still let me carry and nurse him safely snuggled up in my sling, even when he could run. And, the memories of carrying both boys in my Ergo made these baby carriers a priceless investment.

They will be for you, too.

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