Two Moms' Journey of Weight Loss

They discovered healthy habits and how to take care of themselves.

Sara Cloutier, a mother of two, had an unhealthy relationship with food when she was young. It was her favorite activity, she shared with PEOPLE in a video interview. But in high school, her size led to crippling insecurity.

After she gave birth to her first daughter, Sara explained, she weighed over three hundred pounds. This was her turning point: she wanted to help her daughter set healthy habits, so she began setting them for herself.

Even walking on the treadmill was extremely challenging, but Sara didn't give up. She implemented other simple changes, like drinking more water. Now she exercises regularly and loves it.

"I was committed, and I was motivated," Sara told PEOPLE in her video. She is not the only mom to make a significant lifestyle change like this.

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In their Take It Off Today series, TODAY interviewed Brittany Williams, a mom of three whose husband brought home an Instant Pot one day. Finally, Brittany decided that she needed to use it, after years of eating fried and fast food. She lost one hundred and twenty-five pounds, but more importantly, she learned to take care of herself.

"The weight wasn't my issue," she explains during the interview. "That was just a symptom of a deeper problem. The issue was that I didn't care for myself enough to truly take care of my body like it needed to be taken care of."

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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