Unique Names for Your Twin Boys

A few of our favorite boy names in pairs.

Picking the perfect name for your newest bundle (or bundles) of joy can be a struggle, but when you've got twins on the way, the job is twice as hard.

The job only gets more difficult when you have two boy or two girls poised to make their entrance into the world.

Do you want similar names, names with similar meanings, names that start with the same letter, rhyming names, or names that are completely different? 

To help make the task a little bit easier, Mom Junction compiled a list of twin boy names that are perfect for twin brothers because they may have a lifetime of messes to make and pranks to play, but you've got just a few months to come up with the perfect monikers.

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Below we've compiled a list of our favorite twin boy names.  

Unique Twin Boy Names

Boy Names with Similar Meanings

  1. Federick, which means peaceful ruler, and Oliver, which means olive branch to symbolize peace.
  2. Alden, which means old, wise friend, and Alfred, which means wise counselor.
  3. Asher and Felix, which both mean fortunate.

Religious Boy Names

  1. Aaron, which means exalted, and Abel, which means breath.
  2. Christian, which means follower of Christ, and Christopher, which means Christ-bearer.
  3. John, which means God is gracious, and Jonah, which means dove.

 Rhyming Boy Names

  1. Aidan, which means little fire, and Caden, which means spirit of battle.
  2. Daniel, which means God is my judge, and Nathaniel, which means Gift of God.
  3. Rhett, which means ardent, and Brett, which means native of Brittany.

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