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Serena Williams recently opened up about her decision to stop breastfeeding, sharing at a Wimbledon news conference that, unlike many new moms, she struggled to lose weight while breastfeeding.

"I'm going to be totally frank. I feel like everyone says, 'You're so thin when you breastfeed," the tennis star said at the news conference.

"That's a lie," one of the reporters said.

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"Isn't it! Thank you! All over pop culture, you hear that when you breastfeed you lose weight and you're so thin. It wasn't happening for me," Williams replied with a laugh.

1 day until #Wimbledon 🍓 In this moment, 22 was the greatest feeling, but ultimately getting to 23 was even better. Never let anyone put a limit on how far you can go.

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Despite her weight struggle, Williams actually breastfed longer than she originally planned. 

Williams said she was trying to get to the three-month mark but kept deciding to extend her breastfeeding time. She continued breastfeeding until her daughter, Olympia, was 6 months old. 

However, at the six-month mark, she decided it was time to stop, so she sat down with her daughter, and said, "Look, I'm going to stop. Mommy has to do this."

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