Some Women Are Choosing a "Free Birth"

Medical professionals, however, believe this method is unsafe.

One pregnant mother from California recently chose a "free birth" - a term for giving birth at home without a trained medical personnel or midwife present. The woman belonged to a Facebook group called the Free Birth Society, along with thousands of other members. But after her six-day labor and still birth, she received criticism for not seeking medical attention earlier.

The Facebook group shut down soon afterwards, and it transitioned to its own private website. Liz Darling, a professional who works in university midwifery education, explains that it's safer for a professional to be present at a birth. Emergencies could arise, but another danger is an overly lengthy labor (Global News).

Recently, medical professionals are trying to discern why mothers are unhappy with their hospital experience. Darling believes that pregnant mothers are seeking free birth after having an uncomfortable or controlling hospital experience. Overall, she believes that medical professionals should listen and learn how to provide care to pregnant mothers differently.

This California mother had a reason for choosing free birth: professionals should consider how their care can be modified. What are your opinions on free birth? Click here for the full story.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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