What Women Want Men To Know About Being Pregnant

Thirteen things every man needs to know about pregnancy.

Let's be honest, men don't know anything about being pregnant. They may try to empathize with their pregnant partner, friend or family member, but they'll never know what it's really like.

To let men know what pregnant women really want or need during their pregnancy, The DailyNet has compiled a list of 13 things women want men to know about pregnancy, including not commenting on the size of her baby bump, telling her she's beautiful and being patient with her mood swings just to name a few.

Here are the top three things women want men to know about being pregnant:

  1. Never comment on the size of a woman's belly.
  2. Tell her she looks beautiful.
  3. Be patient with her mood swings.

You can read the entire list at The DailyNet.

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