12-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

Your child is changing and growing and so are their nutritional needs.

Your baby is 1! Can you believe the past year has gone so fast? In the blink of an eye, your little bundle of joy went from being a ball of warmth in your arms to being an active and vocal child.

12 Month Old Feeding Schedule

As your child grows, so will his or her desire for independence. Along with your child's newfound independence will come new feeding and nutritional needs.

How Often Does My Child Need to Eat?

By 12 months old, your child will eat a breakfast, lunch and dinner just like the rest of your family. Your child will also start the transition from formula or breast milk to whole milk, so he or she can have milk at dinner and snack time instead of their usual formula or breast milk.

Once your child has transitioned from formula or breast milk to whole milk, he or she shouldn't drink more than 32 ounces of milk each day. Drinking too much milk will reduce your child's appetite for other healthy foods, and it can also lead to iron deficiency anemia

What Food Should My Child Be Eating?

At this stage in your child's life, he or she can eat a variety of delicious foods. Your child should also be assisting at feeding time and should be eating finger foods at meals and snack time. 

Your child can eat everything from meat and vegetable purees to soft chopped up fruits and bread and everything in between. Just remember to be careful with certain hard foods. You don't want to feed your child anything that could possibly get lodged in his or her throat, including whole grapes, nuts, hard candies, hot dogs, and raw, hard vegetables such as carrots. 

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Sample 12-Month-Old Feeding Schedule

7 a.m.   --  Wake-up/Breakfast

10 a.m. --  Snack 

11 a.m. --  Nap time

12 p.m. --  Lunch

2 p.m.   --  Nap time 

4 p.m.   --  Snack

6 p.m.   --  Dinner

9 p.m.   --  Snack/Bedtime

The above schedule is just a sample schedule for a 12-month-old child. Each child and parent is unique, so each schedule will be unique. 

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