The Great Cloth Diaper Change: Changing the World One Diaper at a Time

One reason eco-conscious parents will gather together around the world on Earth Day! 

If you haven't heard of the Great Cloth Diaper Change yet, get ready to learn how they are changing the diaper at a time! Whether you're already using cloth diapers or are looking for a way to be more eco-conscious, this event could be for you.

The Great Cloth Diaper Change

The Great Cloth Diaper Change (GCDC) is a worldwide cloth diaper changing challenge helping to promote the benefits of cloth diapering. (You can learn more from their website).

Last year, thousands of cloth diapering families gathered at 179 GCDC events in 18 countries around the world to bring awareness to the benefits of cloth diapering through the Real Diaper Association.  

When is the Great Cloth Diaper Change?

Typically, the Great Cloth Diaper Change happens the weekend following Earth Day every year. This year, the GCDC will take place the weekend of April 27-28.

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In an effort to get even more families involved, this year the event is split up over two days instead of just one. That's a lot of happy bums!

Where Can I Find a GCDC Event?

This event dedicated to celebrating the best bet for bums happens all around the world. Use the Great Cloth Diaper Change location tool to find where other moms are gathering near you.

If you can't find an event in your community, you can also sign up to host one of your own!

Together, through local event hosts, the RDA organizes the Great Cloth Diaper Change Day and reaches people who have no experience with cloth diapers. Their mission is simple: to help change diapers, one baby at a time. 

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At the first Great Cloth Diaper Change Day in 2011, a Guinness World Record™ was set for the "most people changing (cloth) diapers simultaneously..." with 5,026 participant pairs at 127 locations in 5 countries! Since then, that record has been broken several times.

But the GCDC isn't just about setting records: it's about education and awareness. As such, the RDA is seeking hosts and advocates, or circle leaders, across the globe through their Facebook group and website to help increase the awareness of cloth diapers and to engage a larger turnout for the Great Cloth Diaper Change.

Hosts are invited to create their own events of any size, from simple organized playdates to exhibits with hundreds of attendees, sponsors, presentations and even entertainment. The RDA even encourages partnering with other local Earth Day activities. 

Are you a cloth diaper advocate or looking to be one? Here’s what you need to know to get involved:

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  1. Visit the Great Cloth Diaper Change
  2. Look for a local event 
  3. Visit their Facebook page
  4. Host one and “be the change!” if you don't see an event near you

Are you ready to participate in the Great Cloth Diaper Change? This is just one of the many eco-conscious ways to raise your family. Here are some other steps you can take right now to become even more eco-friendly.

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