Here's How Jillian Harris Revealed the Gender of Baby #2

She had a unique way of revealing her second baby's gender.

Jillian Harris recently revealed that she was having a baby girl with a unique and adorable gender reveal party.

The "Love It or List It" Vancouver star, who is already mom to 21-month-old son Leo, shared in April that she'd love to have a little girl but that she'd be happy if her child was a boy or a girl.

"Every woman dreams of having a baby daughter to dress in cute clothes and put little pink bows in their hair,” she told US Weekly. “But we’ll be excited no matter what.”

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The interior designer admitted she was eager to find out baby No. 2's gender because she wanted get started on the nursery, writing on her website, "Usually, when you want to find something out you rip it open right away and look but we held off … Justin didn’t want to open it … and I was excited to know what we were going to have as I have been eager to get started on the nursery!!"

Harris managed to contain her excitement and waited to share the big moment with her whole family. 

The "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" alumna shared her gender reveal party in a video posted on her website. 

Harris shared that she loves to throw a party, but for baby No. 2's reveal, she decided to keep it low-key, only inviting family over to her home for the special occasion. 

"For anyone that knows me, you’ll know that I LOVE to throw a crazy party but this time around I wanted this moment to be intimate and I wanted to be in the moment. I honestly didn’t even have any decorations," she wrote. "For once I just wanted to relax and not document everything and have everything looking beautiful and perfect." 

The Big Announcement

So, how exactly did Harris find out and announce the gender of baby No. 2? With pool lights. 

Yes, pool lights.

Instead of releasing pink or blue balloons, cutting into a pink or blue cake, or pelting water balloons filled with paint, Harris had her cousin make the reveal by changing the color of her pool lights. If the pool turned pink, it was a girl. If the pool turned blue, it was a boy.

After the big reveal, everyone started screaming, and a few even jumped in the pool to celebrate.

After finding out that she was having a girl, the family had a pink-themed photo shoot and posted the picture on Instagram to make the big announcement to her followers.

"My heart could EXPLODE!!!! Up next.... a baby GIRL!!!! @justinpasutto are you ready for this!!??🎀🤰🏻🌸👛👙💗 (reveal story on @youtube, link in profile!) ... Thank you EVERYONE for your enthusiasm and LOVE 💕," she captioned the photo.

This is Harris' second child with her fiancé, Justin Pasutto. The couple welcomed Leo in 2016.

When asked how Leo would react to the new baby, Harris said that he might have a hard time adjusting to the competition.

“It’ll be his big competition. It’ll be interesting. He gets very jealous. Even if I give Nacho too much attention, he’ll just come right over and try and get in there. Poor guy. But he has to get ready!” she told US Weekly

Harris is due with baby No. 2 the first week of October.


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