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Catherine Lunt, a mom from Pleasant View, Utah, was greeted with almost $400 worth of toys on her doorstep one Saturday afternoon. 

Unbeknownst to Catherine, six-year-old daughter Katelyn had secretly used her mother's Amazon account to order dozens of Barbies, games, and toys.

Catherine told reporters she had ordered a "job-well-done" Barbie doll for her daughter after Katelyn completed a day's worth of chores. Little did she know, that day would prove to be a lesson to never leave her daughter alone with access to an open Amazon account...

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While the experience was indeed hilarious for the mother-daughter duo, Catherine was able to use the surplus of toys to teach her daughter a lesson in generosity. 

Instead of shipping the toys back to Amazon, the family donated all $400 worth of toys to the Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City. 

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