Beyonce Shares Her Struggles with Postpartum Recovery

The world-class performer admits to struggling after her twins were born.

In the entertainment world, Beyonce stands out from the crowd. Though the persona Beyonce embodies might make her life seem effortless, it seems she is more like the rest of us moms than we may have realized.

The truth is simple: postpartum recovery is anything but easy, no matter who you are.

In a cover story for the September issue of Vogue, Beyonce opens up about the trauma of spending weeks in the NICU after an emergency C-section during the birth of her twins Rumi and Sir. She talks about her battles with the physical and emotional struggles that every new mother faces, as well as the unrealistic expectations society places on them.

While it may be hard for many people to understand what postpartum recovery really looks like, it’s important to know that you are not alone. Read more about Beyonce’s journey with the birth of her twins here.

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Liz Coffman

Liz Coffman

Liz Coffman has worked in the advertising industry for over 7 years and is passionate about connecting people to the world around them through her writing. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Liz is also a professional musician, avid rock climber, hiker and adventure seeker.

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