Did Meghan Markle Already Have the Royal Baby?

The royal theory you may not have heard yet.

My husband posed a great question about the Royal Baby watch over breakfast today: "Do you think Meghan Markle already had her baby?"

To clarify, he's not one to follow the Duchess' every move. But he loves the history of the Royal family, so he knows a thing or two about Royal protocol. (Plus, my mom is from England our son is named Britton, so we have to keep one foot on the other side of the pond!).

Did Meghan Markle Already Have Her Baby?

By all reports, the Duchess of Sussex was supposed to have her baby at the end of April. We already know Harry & Meghan moved out of their shared residence with William & Kate.

Meghan's mom has also been reported to be in England to be alongside her daughter for the birth.

We've also heard Harry & Meghan will forego Royal protocol and not emerge from the hospital for pictures after the Royal baby is born. In fact, Meghan may be having a home birth!

Knowing how private the Royal couple is, all this has lead my husband to theorize the new baby may, in fact, be here already.

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Is the Royal Baby a Boy or Girl?

Of course, the question on everyone's mind is whether the Royal baby is a boy or girl. I'm not going to pretend to answer this question definitively, but I do have a clue.

I heard that the palace reserved several boy names as a web address on their official website, which leads us to believe the Royal baby is a boy.

If Meghan gives birth to a girl, rumor has it they would name her Diana after Harry's late mother, Princess Diana.

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