Country star Walker Hayes and his wife Laney have shared a unique experience that allowed them to keep the memory of their deceased newborn alive. 

On June 6, their daughter Oakleigh Klover died at birth due to a uterine rupture that almost took the life of mother Laney as well. 

After mother Laney was out of danger, the couple was introduced to a practice that has become increasingly common among parents in similar situations. 

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The couple, along with 12-year-old daughter Lela and two close friends, spent the rest of the day with Oakleigh's body.

A nonprofit organization called Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep arrived to photograph the heartfelt moment.

Mother Laney later stated how meaningful the experience was for her and her family:

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“If I had not had that photographer show up and do pictures, I would be devastated that I had nothing. We didn’t get moments with her living. … All we have are those moments of holding her and the pictures.”

An article in People shares how grateful Walker and Laney Hayes are to have these photographs. As Hayes told People, "We would be so lost without those." 


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