Disney Is Starting Its Own Streaming Service

This means most of their newer movies will leave Netflix this year.

Netflix currently streams many recent Disney films, such as Marvel movies and Pixar titles. Disney and Netflix have had this agreement since 2016, but in 2019, most Disney productions will be leaving Netflix. Disney is launching its own streaming service.

This service will be called Disney+, and it will include recent Disney releases, not just classics. For those concerned about paying for both Netflix and this new streaming source, the cost may not be as high as you're thinking.

"There's no word on the exact price of the new service," Better Homes & Gardens explains, "although Variety reported that Disney chairman-CEO Bob Iger stated the cost of Disney+ will be less than Netflix’s $8-$14 monthly fee." Disney hasn't confirmed the cost yet, but it may be competitive with Netflix's.

Disney+ will introduce new TV series as well, including, reportedly, a Star Wars series titled The Mandalorian and a Marvel series centering around Loki. Click here for more details about Disney+.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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