James Van Der Beek's Advice: "Don’t bother with baby wipes"

The Pose actor has been known to discuss family and parenting.

Actor James Van Der Beek has spoken candidly about childcare and childbirth before. On the Golden Globes red carpet, he spoke with actress Missi Pyle, who reminded him of baby advice he'd once given her (People). The Pose actor told Pyle not to use baby wipes, insisting that they aren't actually necessary.

"You don't need medicated baby wipes. Just water," Van Der Beek said, affirming his previous comments. He and his wife Kimberly have five children, and he has posted multiple pictures of his kids on Instagram. Notably, he posted a photo immediately following the birth of his fifth child, Gwendolyn.

 In the picture, he is sitting on his bedroom floor, holding his newborn daughter. Her umbilical cord has not yet been cut, still attached to the placenta. In the caption, Van Der Beek mentions the unused birthing pool and states that his wife was happy, in the shower after she'd just given birth.

Van Der Beek is honest and realistic about parenting and birth. Click here to learn more about his family.

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