Newborn Breastfed by Wrong Mother in a Florida Hospital

This mom believes the dangerous mistake should have never happened.

One Florida mother was angry and concerned after she learned that her newborn son was just breastfed by the wrong woman. Hours after Joii Brown gave birth to her son Roman, a nurse took him to be circumcised - but gave him to the wrong mom for feeding.

Though both Brown and the nurses know that mistakes happen, Brown believes this mistake is more significant. Since the hospital identifies babies by wristbands, only one glance would have shown that her son belonged elsewhere.

Although the hospital tested Brown's newborn son, they cannot reveal whether the other mom was taking any medicine due to health laws. Nor can they know if he is ill from the other milk until he's a little older, News4Jax says.

What is your opinion on this potentially costly mistake? Click here for more details.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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