Parents of Toddler Killed at Disney Speaking Out 2 Years Later

The Graves family shares a sense of hope after losing two-year-old son Lane

A trip to Disney World left a family devastated after an incident took the life of their two-year-old son. 

Two years ago, couple Matt and Melissa Graves were enjoying a day on the beach with their son Lane when tragedy struck. 

Lane was standing on the beach near Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa when he was snatched by an alligator and dragged under water. 

Father Matt did everything he could to try and wrestle his son from the alligator but to no avail. Lane's body was found the next day after a relentless search. 

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In a recent press release, the couple announced the birth of their son, Christen Lane Graves, to share how they've found a light amidst the grief of losing Lane:

"Although we know the pain of losing Lane will never go away, we feel God has blessed our family with this precious miracle of life ... We know Ella and Christian have their brother, Lane, watching over them as their guardian angel." 

In order to keep the memory of Lane alive, the couple founded the Lane Thomas Foundation to give honor and light to Lane's life. 

A quote from the organization's Facebook page states:

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"The Foundation is dedicated to supporting families of children needing life-saving organ transplants. The Foundation fulfills this mission by funding non-medical expenses borne by the families; promoting public awareness; and sponsoring clinical research."

More information about this story, Disney's response to the tragedy and what you can do to help keep Lane's memory alive can be found here

Liz Coffman

Liz Coffman

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