Police Escort Son of Fallen Officer to First Day of School

California police officers wanted to let the kindergartener know his dad wasn't forgotten.

One kindergartener had quite the entrance on his first day of school when he was escorted by a group of police officers to his first class.

Gregg Casillas' father, Greggory Casillas, a California police officer, was killed in March of this year. The police officers, many of whom worked with the kindergartener's father, greeted Gregg and his mother, Claudia Casillas, on his first day of school.  

"I knew that this would help make his day special," Claudia Casillas said in a statement to "Good Morning America." "Our morning that day started with a couple of tears because my son did not want to go to school. The fact that he knew that I would not be staying with him was a little scary."

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"Although his father was not there to walk beside us we felt his presence through the people that took the time to celebrate and cheer for my son on his first day of school," she added. 

Greggory Casillas, who worked for the Pomona Police Department, died from injuries that he sustained in the line of duty. 

The fallen officer's co-workers and fellow police officers wanted to let his family, especially little Gregg, know that their father and husband will never be forgotten.

"And when [Gregg] gets older, [he] will understand just how much his father’s sacrifice meant to all of us," Pomona chief of police Michael Olivieri said. "The Casillas family will never be forgotten, and they are part of a law enforcement family that will always be with them.”

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