When Sick Mom Can't Breastfeed, Dad Steps In

He stepped in to help when his sick wife couldn't fulfill her wish to breastfeed.

A new father in Wisconsin helped breastfeed his daughter after his wife had multiple seizures and had to have an emergency C-section, leaving her unable to breastfeed her newborn daughter. 

April Neubauer had planned to breastfeed her daughter, Rosalia, but things took a scary turn while she was giving birth. 

“They broke my water and I was 9.5 dilated, and then I had a seizure,” April told WBAY. 

To help fulfill April's wish to breastfeed her daughter, her husband, Maxamillian Neubauer, stepped in to help. 

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The nurses set up a supplemental nursing system with a fake nipple so Maxamillian Neubauer could mimic nursing.

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