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One Texas mom was recently elected as a state representative for two counties. She's decided to start bringing her six-month-old daughter to work a few days during the week, according to KVUE ABC. 

Erin Zwiener explained that she doesn't want to miss her daughter growing older, "and honestly, I can't afford a full-time nanny," she says. She claims she isn't trying to make a statement, by that she thinks having her daughter will help her to be more relatable. "She was great on the campaign trail, made it really easy to enter conversations, particularly with other young families," Zwiener explained (KVUE).

For Zwiener, it's important to be a mom and a public servant at the same time. She didn't want to wait to work until she was done raising her child, like she says women have traditionally been expected to do. Click here to learn more about Zwiener and her goals as a representative.

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