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During her tour for her new memoir Becoming, Michelle Obama spoke in Washington, D.C., outlining four ways to be your best self. The first one she listed was taking care of yourself. Obama explained that she and her husband went to counseling because she was exhausted and frustrated while doing the majority of the family parenting (PBS). 

But she discovered that she was responsible for her happiness and for how she prioritized her life. "I was looking to my husband to make me happy," Obama explained, adding that this realization was a turning point for her.

Nov 14, 2018

Michelle Obama Opens Up About Pregnancy Issues

by Jenna Phipps

Michelle Obama's new book, Becoming, released Tuesday, November 13. In the biography, the former first lady discusses her struggles with infertility. Twenty years ago, Obama had a miscarriage. At the time, Obama explained in her recent Good Morning America interview,...

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Secondly, Obama said that genuinely being yourself can lead to significant wins in life. She took her baby daughter to an interview for a job she didn't even want and asked for a large salary. Obama was then offered the position and money.

She also explained that children know when they are not being treated maturely, using an example of her experience in elementary school. She and her friends were not learning enough because the teachers didn't give them enough homework. Lastly, Obama claimed that stories are responsible for connecting people.

Not race, or party, or religion draws people together most strongly (PBS). Rather, stories most greatly resonate with others and tie you to them. Click here for more about Obama's book tour.

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