Warning: Mom Found Baby Formula Replaced with Flour

What every mom needs to look out for next time she buys formula.

According to an article posted by CNN Wire, a Florida mom purchased baby formula at an Oldsmar CVS that looked and smelled like flour.

Alison Denning, a mother of three, purchased Enfamil from her local CVS for her newborn. She had used the formula many times before and thought the package looked fine, even noticing that the protective seal appeared to be intact.

Back at home, upon closer examination, she thought something didn't look right. She noticed that it smelled like flour and looked like someone may have tampered with the package.

Going to a different store, she bought another container of formula to compare. It was a little more grainy and had a slightly yellow color. In her mind, she was convinced that the first container had been swapped out with all-purpose flour.

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CVS offered a refund, but instead she chose to call the manufacturer, Mead Johnson.

Thankfully, this mom was vigilant enough to make sure she kept not just her baby from consuming this mis-labeled product, but shared her story to prevent other families from suffering as well.For more details, click here.

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