It's hard to believe there are 2019 baby name trends already, but they are here and an obvious theme is emerging: Southern states.

2019 Baby Name Trend

Celebrities have always had a big influence on baby names, but this year's biggest baby name trend is influenced by a region, according to Southern Living. While Reese Witherspoon may have started the trend years ago, others are obviously joining in by naming their baby Tennessee. 

Solidifying Music City as the "IT" city in the US right now, other trending names include Memphis and Nash.

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But Tennessee isn't the only southern state inspiring parents this year. Other popular baby names based on the southern region include Savannah, Charlotte Raleigh and Georgia.

Celebrity Baby Names for 2019

Speaking of celebrity baby names, Chrissy Teigen is credited for the rise in popularity of her first name. Not to be outdone, "John" is seeing a spike in popularity as well.

And perhaps in a nod to celebrities, shoe styles are also being credited for name trends in babies this year. Classic styles like Chuck Taylor's and Stan Smith's are making a comeback in fashion and baby names!

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What are your favorite name trends for 2019?

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