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At age eight, Silicon Valley resident Samaira Mehta developed a board game that teaches children how to code. Mehta won a prize for her game, called Coder Bunnyz, and gained the attention of Cartoon Network. Since then, she has been sought for speaking gigs at companies like Microsoft and Google. 

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Mehta uses Coder Bunnyz in workshops for other kids, teaching them how to code (SFGate). After selling many of the board games, Mehta created a second, which teaches coding with artificial intelligence. She now speaks at workshops in the Silicon Valley, her home, as well as other places (such as Microsoft).

Mehta is a young entrepreneur, saving and investing as well as selecting a charity to help. Her marketing skills allow her to excel at an early age; she developed them with the help of her father, who works in computer engineering.  

Should Mehta work for Google, as the company suggested she do after college, or should she continue as an entrepreneur? Click here for more details on this coder's success.

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