Pregnancy Week 7: Your Weekly Pregnancy Guide

At 7 weeks pregnant, you’re already halfway through the first trimester.

Welcome to early pregnancy, where anything can happen. From feeling just about normal to taking residence in bed, your appetite, demeanor, and energy levels are a bit unpredictable.

Take heart, at seven weeks pregnant you’re already halfway through the first trimester. While you may have only recently found out about this pregnancy, your baby has been steadily growing in the five weeks since conception.

Here’s a glimpse at what’s happening throughout week seven of your pregnancy.


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Pregnancy Week 7 Guide 

Baby’s Growth at 7 Weeks

Your baby has continued her rapid growth and has again doubled in size this week. Baby now measures ½ inch long and is equivalent to the size of a blueberry.

This week, baby’s head continues to get bigger, with hundreds of new brain cells growing every minute. Other changes are happening as well. Baby’s mouth and tongue are forming and his eyes are beginning to develop (although won’t be fully formed until week 20).

Moving downward, your little one has arm and leg buds forming. They look more like paddles than anything else but will shortly turn into hands, feet, fingers, and toes.

How a 7 Week Ultrasound Looks

Are you curious how an ultrasound of baby might look this week? Take a peek at this ultrasound of my own baby at 7 weeks gestation. While it is still a blurry abstract, just a few more weeks of development will change this little one into a more recognizable infant.

Your Body at 7 Weeks Pregnant

A lot of your pregnancy symptoms may continue from last week. These include:

  • Nausea (and possibly vomiting) becoming more consistent
  • Fatigue
  • Frequent Urination
  • Breast Tenderness

You may also notice some new problems cropping up, including:

  • Changes with your GI tract (bloating, gas, indigestion)
  • Excess Saliva
  • Food Aversions or Cravings
  • Skin Breakouts or Acne

Keeping Yourself Healthy at 7 Weeks Pregnant

If you’re anything like me, eating frequently enough to keep the nausea at bay has become a chore by week 7 of your pregnancy. Do your best to keep easy-to-grab, high protein snacks on hand so you don’t need to search for nourishment when you’re unwell. Continue planning to eat six small meals throughout the day and do everything you can to avoid your stomach becoming too empty.

While your pregnancy isn’t showing outwardly yet at week 7, your clothes may be starting to feel a bit tighter. This is especially true in my case; after so many pregnancies, my body instinctively knows where to begin bulking up.

You shouldn’t have gained much weight though, and likely won’t gain more than a few pounds throughout the whole first trimester.

How to Prepare for Your First Prenatal Appointment

If you haven’t called your practitioner yet, this is definitely the week to do so. Many prenatal appointments are scheduled between weeks 7-9. Your appointment may include an ultrasound to date your pregnancy, a visit with a nurse to take a complete medical history, and an initial visit with a doctor (which is more like a routine OB-GYN visit this month).

This is the time to begin forming a list of questions. Here are ideas of what you may want to ask during your first prenatal appointment:

  • What foods do I need to avoid?
  • Is it okay to exercise during my pregnancy?
  • How much weight should I gain?
  • What are you testing for with initial blood tests?
  • What do I do if I begin bleeding or suspect a problem with my pregnancy?

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In the world of pregnancy and childbirth, no question is unimportant. Put aside your nervousness and ask whatever’s on your mind. After all, your doctor or midwife has heard it all before.

Pregnancy Week 7 from Dad's Perspective

Week 7 is often when cravings and food aversions kick in. Sometimes a requested food sounds appetizing at the time, only to discover the smell of it has her running to the bathroom. Don’t take it personally!

Even after going through several pregnancies together, the food variable seems as unpredictable as the midnight grilled cheese sessions with our first baby. Be patient and supportive and try to resist the urge to crack too many jokes about it.

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