Pregnancy Week 9: Your Weekly Pregnancy Guide

Learn how your baby is developing at 9 weeks pregnant.

Welcome to pregnancy week nine! You’ve surpassed the eighth week (a milestone in itself) and this week officially begins pregnancy month three. You’re now entering your last month of the first trimester.

Pregnancy Week 9 Guide

In this week's pregnancy guide, we'll be reviewing all things having to do with the ninth week of pregnancy, including baby's growth, symptoms and even possible concerns.

Baby’s Growth at 9 Weeks Pregnant

This week your baby has grown to be one inch long (from head to bottom). His size is equivalent to a cherry, grape, or green olive.

With all baby’s major organs now formed, your embryo is about to be promoted to the title of fetus next week. The placenta is functional and takes over hormone production.

Every week baby grows to appear more newborn-like. While her head is still approximately half of her body length, she’s developing unique facial features. Eyes are now formed but baby’s eyelids will remain fused shut until about week 27.

Although it’s too early to tell baby’s gender with ultrasound, week nine brings the development of either male or female reproductive organs. You’ll need to hang on for about 10 more weeks before you glimpse who your little one is.

While your baby still weighs in at well under an ounce, in future weeks he’ll begin to bulk up.

9 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Unfortunately many of the symptoms you’ve been experiencing throughout the past month are still very much at large this week.

You may be struggling with:

  • Mood Swings
  • Morning Sickness
  • Frequent Urination
  • Fatigue
  • Nasal Congestion

Currently at nine weeks pregnant myself, this week has brought a rhythm to my days. While my mornings aren’t necessarily filled with sickness, my afternoons and evenings bring on some major nausea and fatigue. Luckily my husband has been graciously taking over on household tasks in the evenings.

Mom’s Baby Belly at 9 Weeks Pregnant

It’s likely that you’re beginning to notice changes with your belly this week, especially if this isn’t your first pregnancy. While your belly hasn’t necessarily popped out in a typically pregnant fashion, you may find your waist is thickening.

This slight putting on of weight can make some clothing feel too tight and make buttoning some pants a struggle. At nine weeks pregnant, I’ve already had to “retire” a pair of pants for the time being.

If you’re looking to make your current wardrobe work as long as possible, you’ll want to purchase a stretch belly band. These products are seamless, stretchy, and long enough to hold up your pants even when unbuttoned. I’ve used them at different parts of each of my pregnancies; they’ve been a lifesaver for extending my wardrobe.

Possible Concerns at 9 Weeks Pregnant

As your pregnancy progress, it’s normal to begin to worry. Early pregnancy can be tough for a Mama (and I’m no exception).

Each pregnancy, I find myself beginning to worry about virtually any aspect, from miscarriage to what we’ll name this new little life. While most of my anxieties are short-lived and hormonally-driven, it’s unnerving to be in a season of waiting as your baby grows stronger inside of you.

Unfortunately, I’ve never found the act of worry to actually help solve any of my problems. Here are a few things you may be concerned about (and what you should know about each):

  • Miscarriage - Following a confirmed heartbeat on ultrasound, the risk of miscarriage drops to 3%. This risk drops even further as you enter the second trimester.
  • Maternity Leave - Researching your employer’s maternity leave policy can give you necessary background knowledge before you announce your pregnancy. Take some time to decide how your ideal leave fits with your company’s guidelines and make a plan for how to work the two together.
  • Weight Gain - Perhaps your feel yourself filling out and your clothes getting tight. Or you’ve been too sick to even contemplate healthy eating or appropriate weight gain. Give yourself grace this first trimester. When you feel well enough, eat small healthy meals. In other times, remember that most women feel relief from morning sickness around the time they enter the second trimester.
  • Announcing Your Pregnancy - Knowing when to announce your pregnancy can be tricky. Make a plan with your partner for when you’ll break the news and to whom. We’ve found it nice for a select support group to know before the general population. Regardless, you’ll make whatever decision is right for your situation.

A Dad’s Perspective throughout Pregnancy Week 9

Occasionally in our marriage, I’ve found myself in hot water with little idea why. It turns out hormones are almost always to blame, and early pregnancy is full of them.

Throughout over a decade of walking alongside my wife through pregnancies, births, and lots of hormone changes, I’ve learned a few things:

  • Taking a step back from confrontation lends perspective. Realizing your partner is freaking out a bit, and continuing to be the loving, supportive partner she needs.
  • Making myself useful is much more productive than attempting to point out the folly in irrational mood swings. After all, it’s hard to be angry at someone for vacuuming the living room.
  • Learn to move on. I do my best to give grace and move past the awkward situations. Instead of sharing them with friends and family we move forward, together, on this parenthood journey.

It may be a bumpy ride but completely worth it when you’re cuddling your new baby.

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