Top Baby Names of 2018

This year's list features unique new names as well as vintage ones.

The baby name resource Nameberry compiles annual lists of the top baby names from the past year. 2018 features some unique boy names, as well as vintage or older names for both genders - such as Amelia, Penelope, Theodore, and Otto.

"Nameberry boy favorites include fewer traditional male picks, with style becoming a dominant factor," writes Linda Rosenkrantz of TODAY. Among the top twenty boy names are classy but interesting ones like Declan, Jasper, and Silas. Three new names moved into this year's top ten names: Genevieve and Rose, for girls, and Finn. Charlotte is now number five on the girls' list, likely inspired by the English princess.

Atticus is the most popular boys' name again in 2018, while Olivia takes the first spot for the third time in a row. Nameberry's baby name lists provide readers with an idea of names that will become popular, and keep them up to date on current name trends, Rosenkrantz explains. Click here for the full top twenty name lists.

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